Family Business - The Next Generation

Family Business - The Next Generation

March 28, 2020

Family Business – The Next Generation

March 11, 2020 – The day a young man declared that his father’s job was, “Not that bad, not as boring as I thought” according to Seth Fearon.

Mike Fearon, principal agent for Graves-Fearon Agency, was job shadowed by his son, Seth Fearon. Wanting to make it as ‘real to what we do’ as possible, Mike lined up quite the day. The pair hosted meetings for the Regional Vice President of Nationwide Insurance’s corporate office and with Pam Wisecup, office manager of the Vandalia location.

To give Seth a better understanding of operating an insurance agency they completed everyday tasks. Some of these tasks included presenting a potential client with a life insurance quote, reviewing a farm insurance policy (Seth learned how to calculate the value of a building), electronically filing documents, processing payroll, meeting with employees at the Arcanum location, and eating lunch (of course!).

Overall, Mike and Seth both agree it was great day. Mike commented, “It was nice to slow down and explain to Seth just how this type of business operates.” Seth has always dismissed the thought of following in his father’s footsteps. By the end, Seth came out with a better understanding of why his father is so passionate about insurance and has a more open mind about taking over the family business in the future. 

Success! Looking good, Seth.